Over Run (Freewheel) Safety Clutch 40 HP
Comb. O'Run (Freewheel) & Safety Clutches
Heavy Duty Units allow PTO driven implements to freewheel with adjustable safety protection under load.
  • Prevents expensive damage to internal tractor PTO packs.
  • Prevents single clutch tractors from being driven forward by PTO over-run.
  • Integral heavy duty adjustable disc type safety clutch protects PTO drive line.
40 HP Capacity - 150mm (6") Diameter

Part No.
1 3/8" x 6 spline male / female
A = 170mm

To adjust Standard Duty (Silver or Gold Spring)
BARE-Co PTO clutches:

  • Compress springs fully then back off 2 turns.
  • Fine tune so that the clutch slips occasionaly
  • Once per year release springs completely and allow clutch to slip to polish pressure plate.
    When Fitting Clutch:
    Pair of 1/2" dia Clamp Bolts 75 ft lbs
    Pair of 5/8 " dia Clamp Bolts 150 ft lbs
    Single Cotter Clamp Bolt 100 ft lbs